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Breakfast at Braga

One thing I love about weekend is the chance to go out. This Sunday I had breakfast at a place called “Kopitiam Oey” on Braga Street. Omelet for me and toast with egg for him.

It was a lovely morning indeed as we also starting to learn photographing our day. Obviously we need to learn how to take different poses (or maybe to not pose so much). Expect a lot of photo from now on, this is just the start.

He took this photo without telling me about that sign so I smile unknowingly.

It’s a navy blue day for us.Thank you passerby lady for this one photo of us. Maybe I should invest on a tripod so that I can take picture of both of us.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!

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New Love – Digital Scrapbooking (Freebies)

Holiday is over and I’m back to my university routine. It’s not so bad (so far).

About a month or so, I have been falling in love with a new hobby, Digital Scrapbook, and still going to be in love with it for sometime I hope.  So today I’m feeling kind of generous and wanting to share some free download for you all digital scrapbook lover.

As this is my first attempt to create a (very) small scrapbook kit, I really hope that it will turn out okay for all of you. Also, some feedback in the comment area is very welcome.

My first mini kit, called “Cupcakes Picnic” (don’t ask how I got the name).

Just click here or on the image below if you want to download. The kit is for personal use only.

Happy Scrap-booking!

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Holiday Baking


I know that this is neither a cooking blog nor a food blog. But today I’ll give you a special peek to my holiday baking experiment.

So right before holiday, I made a list of things that I (hopefully) will make on my holiday. They are:

  1. Gingerbread Cookies
  2. Apple Pie
  3. Red Velvet Cupcakes
  4. Macarons

It’s a small list actually, seeing that I have a whole month worth of holiday.

And the result is ….  I only accomplished half of my list. Sad but true.

But in my defend, I made things that are not on my list *yay*.

(Photo taken with my iPhone)

Quite mouthwatering eh?

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Gossip Girl 05×06 : I Am Number Nine

In the middle of this never-ending hectic weeks, I am able to watch one of my favorite TV series, Gossip Girl. Well, even-though I’m more than a week late than most of you.

The episode I just watched is (as you can see from the post title), episode six of season five. With the title “I Am Number Nine”. The title actually refers to one of the main character, Daniel Humphrey. But he is not the one I wanted to write about. It’s about Blair and Chuck instead.

Ooooh, those two always gets me excited about gossip girl. There is always enough interesting things that surrounds them.

So this time I want to share a little dialogue from the movie. You should watch it from the beginning to really know and understand the quote thought. But nevertheless, you could read this first. Warning, real spoiler ahead.


Blair : What are you doing here?

Blair : I-I don’t have the energy to rehash tonight’s hysterics. I think you should leave.

Chuck : I’m not here to apologize about what happened tonight.

Blair : Then…. what are you here to apologize for?

Chuck : Everything else.

Chuck : I’m sorry for losing my temper the night you told me Louis proposed to you.

Chuck : I’m sorry for not waiting longer at the empire state building.

Chuck : I’m sorry for treating you like property.

Chuck : I’m sorry… (taking deep breaths) I didn’t tell you I loved you when I knew I did.

Chuck : But most of all….. I’m sorry that I gave up on us when you never did.


It’s really heartbreaking, enough said.

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Coffee Brewing

I’ve done my mission, trying to brew my own coffee with a french press and as promised, I will post my first experience here.

And well, okay, I cheated. The photo below is not from my first try. But I have an explanation! It’s all because I was so scared to screw up, I don’t actually want to show it to anyone. Even though luckily I survived my first try and my second try is even better.

This method is the one that is written in the manual. It all started with having a 6 fl oz of hot water. Then put two tablespoon of whole bean coffee that has been coarsely ground. Pour the hot water into the french press and stir. After it all come together nicely, put the lid on. Then wait for 4 minutes. Push the knob down slowly. Taadaaaa! You’ll have a nice cup of black coffee, and that’s no sugar for me. Firstly it’s because I like black coffee and secondly because I have a sweet chocolate mousse to go with it.



Random Photo : Sculpture

This post is meant to be a reply to one of my friend, Wahyu. The one that interest me into coffee brewing, the one that I mentioned in the other post.

He has a blog and in this post, he posted a photo of me from his newly bought toycam, Harinezumi 2 triple plus. And just like a kid with his new toy :p . He played with it the first day he got it.

Okay, back to the topic. The photo he posted is a photo he took while we were seeing an art exhibition, sculpture show to be exact. He took my photo with his camera and I took his with my phone.

So here is my take on showing our photo 😀

(again, it is taken and edited with my iphone)